More Photo Tips

Here are a few more tips. I will be adding more soon...
More than one child? Get their faces together

If you ask the kids to put their faces together, you can avoid a picture that will be too wide to look good on a card. Also, this way the background between them will be minumum. Adult and child? The adult should hold the child or get on their knees to be at the child's level.
On this picture you can see how the are children with different heights and two adults, and they all have their faces in the same level. It's true there are chairs on the background but they dont distract the view and it is a beautiful picture. (Click on the picture to enlarge and click on it again to go back to the thumbnail size).

Plan the places in advance

When you have several kids to photograph, be sure to get the ones with the most similar height on the sides. For example, if you have two tall kids and one short, place the short in the middle. Or, if you have to short kids and one tall, place the tall in the middle. If you place them from tall to short, there will be too much background in one side of the photo. Another option is to get the tall kids to get at the level of the short ones.
I love how my girls look on this photo, however I dont like the photo itself. Because they are positioned from shorter to taller, there is a huge amount of empty background on the left-center side of the picture, and none on the right side. The reason why my middle girl is on the center is because it was her birthday. If I could take the picture again, I would have gotten my youngest child on her knees which would have make her face at a very similar level to her other two sisters, and the whole background issue would have been resolved. (Click on the picture to enlarge and click on it again to go back to the thumbnail size).

Stay away from the sun

Avoid direct sunlight as much possible, especially in the person's face. This can make the person to close their eyes, or to make what I call a "sun face" (Im sure you know what Im talking about).
Here are two examples of "sun faces". You get your eyes, nose and mouth in a funny way. You also want to avoid having half of the face with sunlight and the other half with shadow.

Ordering for your child's birthday? Try to capture their personality.

For this task you will have to get your child busy with something he/she loves and then let the CHASING begin! Take as many pictures as possible and as fast as your camera allows (dont forget to allow the lens the time to focus). That can take hours or even several tries on different days (depending on the age of your child), but I promise it will be mad fun! It's very important to keep in mind that you are trying to capture your child's personality, which means to have to avoid talking to the child at all costs. Get at their level and try to face him/her without asking the child.
For this picture, my middle daughter was playing with one of my best friends and we got this picture. This is her "Im a rascal" face and it totally shows her personality. (Click on the picture to enlarge and click on it again to go back to the thumbnail size).