Frequenly Asked Questions - FAQ

I can't fint a cart, how can I place an order?

This is not a regular store with a cart. This is an online portfolio with forms for you to place your order. Why? Because my designs will go around your pictures and needs, and not the other way around. Even if you want a card just like the one I have posted, there will be changes that would need to be made. I tried to make every form as detailed as possible, however feel free to add your requests if they are not addressed on the form or even ignore questions if you just want that part just the one it is on the sample.

I know the design I want, however the colors don't match my theme, can that be changed?

Of course. You can send me a picture or a link with the colos of your theme and I will match it.

I found the perfect picture for my design, but you can see my baby's spit, can that be fixed?

Most likely. I can fix red eyes, skin rashes, spit up, underexposed images, and a lot of other things. Just show me the photo and I can tell you what can be done with it. Bare in mind that one thing that cannot be fixed is a very pixelated picture. See more details here.

The design I want only has one picture, but I would like to use two. Is that considered a new design?

No, that is not a new design. Most designs can be adapted to a different amount of pictures and still be considered as an existent design

I don't see the theme that I want, can you design it for me?

Yes. You can select a design of another theme that you like and specify in the order form which one is the theme for your party.

Do you offer combos with party favors?

Yes. If you don't see the price for the amount of different designs that you want, just contact me and I will create an unique combo for you with a discount.

I am very late placing my order, how fast can you make my design?

It depends on the time of the day that you send me the information and photos, and how fast you answer my emails. Send me a message via the contact form explaining me the day you need it by, and we will work something out.

Can you make my design in another language?

Yes. I can write it in Spanish just fine, however if you need another language, you will have to write the words exactly as you want me to write them on the design.

I received my first proof, can I request changes?

Of course! We will make as many changes as needed until you are in love with the design.

What kind of paper should I use to print my cards and favors?

Cards can be printed on photo paper or cardstock. The favors can be printed in different kind of paper and it would be hard to list them all. If you don't know which paper to use, please ask me while we are working on your order or even after we are done.

I own a printer, can I print at home?

I honestly believe that it is better to have the designs professionally printed, especially the invitations and thank you notes. Unless your party would have 100 guests, it won't be expensive. As for the favors, most of them can be printed at home with no problems, however the quality would still be better at a printing store either online or local (if you choose local, you will save time and money on shipping).

I saw a design that I want on another site, can you do it for me?

I can use it to see the type of design you want and colors, however I would not make the exact design to respect the other designer's hard work. I can use it as inspiration and then make you one that you will love.

My design is done, how would I receive it?

Once you approve it and the payment is received, you will receive a high resolution file by email for you to print on your own. If you will use a local printing place for your favors, you can ask them if you have large sheets (like 11x17) so I can mount several designs on one sheet with the correct size they have.

I already received my final design to print, can I still make a quick change?

Of course! I understand that sometimes we change the date of the party or even the address or any other unexpected situation. Just contact me and I will make the change for you. Have in mind that this applies to minor changes, a whole new design would have an extra cost.

I want to order my prints with you, is it possible?

No. The only design that I print myself is the mommy cards. The others would be printed by you. I can give you ideas of places and type of paper if you need it.

Can I get free products with you?

Yes. There are several ways to get free products. The easier way is referring your family and friends to order with us. Please, click here to take advantage of it of these offers.