Enhancing & Playing with the photographs

Often I get asked by new customers, how much I would charge them for enhance their photos for an invitation or announcement... The answer is ZERO! The photo enhancing is part of the design just because the photo is the main focus of the designs. If the photo has red eyes, or if is dark, or if is not cropped properly, then the card wont look good!

Sometimes I get the comment that the photo with the cutest face cant be used because it has food, spit up or simply because the baby was drooling too much. This got me thinking that it was important for YOU all to know that it doesnt matter!! I will remove mostly everything that you dont want in there... Boo-boos, scratches, and even that huge pimple on your face that you got the exact day of the party!

Here is a simple example of what it can be done - AT NO CHARGE - when you place an order with me. This is baby Ilyas. His mom needed a photo where the main focus was a green cloth diaper and she loved this picture. Problems? Red eyes, skin rash, spit up, bad lighting...

This is the picture she sent me: This is how the picture looks after it was edited:
As the photos are small, I know that it is difficult to tell, so here is a better detail of what I did with the photo:
And just because the main focus needed to be the green diaper, this is how color selection looks: 
What about if the diaper needed to have another color?
No problem. Here it is:
If you are interested on getting some pictures edited without ordering a design, you can contact me for a quote.