Birth & Adoption Announcements / Baby Gift Thank you notes

This is a selection of some of the designs that I have made for Birth Announcements, Adoption Announcements and Welcome Home Baby cards, as well as Baby Gifts Thank you notes.. It's not separated by gender because ANY design can be adapted for a boy or a girl with the colors of your choice. THIS SECTION IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Once it is done, you will be able to see a larger view and order the design. In the meantime, you can fill out this temporary order form to place your order. Mention the name of the design and include the baby's information. Once I email you back, you will be able to send me the pictures.

Aiden Felipe, Blue & Brown
Amelia Isabele, Pink Flower
Anna Sophia, Precious Moments
Camila Nicole, Pink & Brown
Arles Levi, Blue & Brown
Carianne, Lilac Green & Brown
Daniella Victoria, Pink & Brown
Lydia Grace, Welcome Home

Dante Ignacio, Blue & Brown
Elijah & Isaac, Twin Brothers
Gianna Aliyah, Pink & Green
Ariel Enrique, Little All Star
Ethan, Brown & Colors
Gabriela Michele, Pink & Lilac
Joaquin, Blue & Brown
Koby, Green & Blue
Juan Carlos, Thank you note
Renata, Pink & Purple
Ryan, Blue & Brown
Samuel Karel, Green Frog
Reid & Cooper, John Deere
Robert Nicholas, Thank you note
Sarella Skye, Pink & Brown
Sofia Marina, Pink & Brown
Zachariah Edward, Blue & Brown
Michael Alejandro, Blue