Baby Shower Invitations

This is a selection of some of the designs that I have made for Baby Shower Invitations and Baby Shower Save the Date cards. It's not separated by gender because ANY design can be adapted for a boy or a girl with the colors of your choice. THIS SECTION IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Once it is done, you will be able to see a larger view and order the design. In the meantime, you can fill out this temporary order form to place your order. Mention the name of the design and include the party's information. Once I email you back, you will be able to send me the pictures.

Blassina / Dots for Boy
Jazmin / Dr. Seuss
Stephanie / Animal Print
Samantha, Tiffany Blue (1)
Samantha, Tiffany Blue (2)
Samantha, Tiffany Blue (3)
Samantha, Tiffany Blue (4)
Cecile / Giraffe for Boy

Fiorella / Lady with Light Skin
Anita / Lady with Dark Skin
Cara / Save the Date
Cara / Zoo Animals for Boy
Robin / Blue, Brown & Green
Liz / Pink & Brown
Anabella for Boy
Anabella for Girl
Arisel for Boy (1)
Arisel for Boy (2)
Angie with Dots (1)
Angie with Dots (2)