Meet the "Team"

How it all started...

I have always loved photography, but it was when my first daughter was born in 2003 that I really got photo crazy. Over time I realized that my beautiful photos were just that: "Photos". I needed to find a way to preserve all those moments, and it was then when it crossed by my mind to start making designs with them.
As a full time working mom, it was a little difficult to find the time to do all the cute things that were going through my mind, and it was on my maternity leave of my second daughter that I decided to really get to learn about it. After I started doing all type of designs for my photos, a couple of friends loved what I was doing and asked me to do it for them too. I did all kind of announcements, invites, holiday cards and more, to every person that asked for it. I was really loving it.
I was going back to work when my second was at least one year old, but God had other plans. I unexpectedly got pregnant with my third child, and I just knew in that moment that my plans to go back to work outside the home were a little bit difficult.
One day, a lady that I met on an online forum (Nikki U.) asked me to design a birthday invitation for her daughter and she insisted on paying me. That was when 3 Little Flowers © was born. It was the perfect way to get to stay home with my 3 babies under 4. My daughters' last name is Flores (Spanish word for “Flowers”), so I have three little flowers. I’m still learning and looking forward to learn more with each card that I make for you.

The team?

Even though I make my designs alone, you will notice that I refer to “us” and “we” a lot. Why “we”?? Because we are a TEAM: My girls are my inspiration, and number one support! If it weren’t for them, 3 Little Flowers would still be just a dream!

More about us?

I used to keep an online blog for my family "Blooming Buds", but I just can't manage to find the time to update it anymore. I should, I know, even if is just a post every couple of months. Anyway, if you wanna stop by "my very much neglected personal blog", click here.